We enable competitive, ambitious cyclists at all levels, who care about: sustainability; safety; supporting local business; and quality, realise their cycling and fitness ambitions.

We build and bespoke Mountain, Cyclo-Cross and Race bikes. We engineer E-bike Conversions, revamp and restore classic much loved bikes. We hold the full range of Titanium/carbon/ceramic bearings / cranks, standard service parts and race parts in stock.

We hand-build bespoke wheels to highest spec and specific application. As a DT Swiss wheel building specialist we build wheels to suit off road endurance, lightweight race and or indestructible MTB downhill race wheels

We carry out safety inspections and service suspension, mountain bikes, race bikes, mums to kids bikes.

We design and build bespoke exotic frames, and manufacture lightweight forks, in Titanium, Aluminum, Steel as well as carbon frame inspection

We are experts in inspecting and welding Titanium, weld Aluminium and weld Steel cycle frames to strengthen frames and make safe frame repairs.

As cycling engineering experts, and fanatical cyclists we have the experience to know which key changes to make to your bike. The frames we supply in our builds are guaranteed for 15 years (subject to T&Cs).

Whether we are servicing kids bikes, to hard core endurance cyclists, to our world record breaking customers: we only use the best components and give the best attention. Our bikes have been rigorously developed and tested based upon our experience of World Cycle Tours, the Oz Desert, The Alps Tour De France climbs and continuously developed in the harsh off road MTB and CX environment of the Surrey Hills.

Work done by professional engineers (FIET).

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Ewhurstbikes founder is a Fellow of the Institute for Engineering and Technology.

We supply the highest quality race components from stock

“Thanks ever so much amazing job on the bike. Wow what a difference it made. I must have been going about 1mph faster than before with less effort.” Martin Crowther

BMX Race bike upgrades.. making BMX bikes go faster

“Race 1: Is wet here, but Jacob has taken 0.5 secs off his time. 45.15, if it was dry he would get another half second off, so looking good”

“Once Jacob builds his strength with the new setup and gearing he will get faster and faster “

We hand build the highest quality fast race and off road bikes: built for Life

Our purpose

Our Purpose

An introduction

Its hard work revamping classic quality mountain, gravel, touring or race bikes this is the sort of engineering we do to bring them back to 100%, saves the planet too by avoiding you having to buy new.

Special projects

Rebuilding Great British Bikes

Revamping to create indestructible touring bikes

Converting a hand bike to an e-bike

Revamping great MTBs

Professional engineering…

Re-engineering and redesigning complex bikes

Building indestructible race drive trains…

Ewhurst Bikes _ Best Of British

Best of British… new cars are so dull? This is the philosophy of Ewhurstbikes best of British range of bikes based upon a series of very rare British team race frames, beautiful with real provenance.. ????

Our guarantee to you..

(Subject to our friendly terms and conditions)

2021 – we supply latest  Gravel / CX / MTB wheels and rims, and build bespoke wheels using the latest exciting developments

In a sea of fads, our latest Gravel & MTB wheels are a true breakthrough, for prices and the build options to suit your bike make an appointment to meet us or please Email:  hello@ewhurstbikes.com Call: 07720 597869

Based in the heart of the Surrey Hills, Ewhurst Bikes is a run by friendly passionate cyclists whose boss is a professional engineer (Fellow Institute of Engineering and Technology).

Email:  hello@ewhurstbikes.com Call: 07720 597869

DTSwiss wheel building specialist

Ewhurstbikes.com-race Lightweight Tange / Reynolds/Tange and Titanium Race Mountain and Cyclo-Cross Bike Build In Britain

A 3 minute introduction to the development in the Surrey Hills

The Development Journey

We build the fastest lightweight mountain/gravel or CX bikes specially set up for those who favour the intimate connection afforded by a lightweight c600g, rigid mountain bike carbon fork setup provides. We have tested these carbon forks over the last 4 years, for about 1,000,000 km per year. We can supply very lightest race c1,300g suspension too.

An introduction to the Titanium Lightweight Race Gravel / MTB, for maximum aero advantage, comfort and speed uphill. Built to last too, so we guarantee the components for 3 years and frame for life.

A Trial review from Matt one of the Surrey Hills Wednesday MTB Test Team

We source and combine the very best race components..

DT Swiss Wheel Building Specialist: based upon 240s and 240s lightened race hubs

Select your lightweight Aircraft aluminum, Titanium, Tange or Reynolds 853 frame to base your lightweight race bike build upon and chat with us about the type of riding you do….

These A1 frames have a lifetime guarantee, real provenance and are re-used to save the planet. There is absolutely no point in buying a new frame, when there are so many great frames to re-use?

Sustainability and some of our UK Government supported “bike to work scheme” and “Fix Your Bike” Scheme…

Registered for the UK Government Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme

It’s hard work revamping classic quality mountain, gravel and road bikes, requires quite a bit of engineering, but end result very rewarding and saves the planet by AVOIDING buying new

At your request we can use quality used parts to save our precious planet.

Contact us to buy using use the Bike2work Scheme we are a registered partner

Contact us to buy using use the Green Commute Initiative we are a registered partner

If you are a UK taxpayer you can calculate how you can save below:

We always aim to repair and to get you back on your bike on the same day…

Our professional engineer carrys out:

  1. suspension tuning,
  2. servicing and repair,
  3. brake servicing,
  4. carbon fibre, steel, aluminum& titanium frame and fork repairs,
  5. bespoke race wheel building,
  6. gear change set up,
  7. hand bike building,
  8. corroded seat post removal.

Please choose a time to meet and drop off your bike, we look forwards to welcoming you..

Contact us:

8am-8m 7 days per week

Email : hello(at)ewhurstbikes.com

Text / call : 07720 597869

ewhurstbikes.com, the street, ewhurst, GU6 7RH

ewhurstbikes is part of the Ewhurst Engineering Limited Group of companies

Our work is done by professionals

Professional insurance NIG 006806775

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We look after our customers in  the Bramley, Peaslake, Shere, Dorking, Rudgwick, Guildford, Horsham, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Godalming areas. Make a time to meet and have a 1-1.