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Introducing for 2024 the Ultimate GRS and GRRS range

Choose either the GRS – Gravel Race Sport – for endurance road racing on and serious off road..

OR the GRRS – Gravel Road Race Sport – more road orientation for endurance racing.

Made in Ewhurst England

The ultimate fast climbing machine

  • max power transfer to surface

for the ultimate 20%+ steep climbing and steep descent

forks bespoke fork design geometry, smooth and connected

smooth and huge power transfer on fast gradual climbs

geometry and materials 25-30 mph on rough trails with comfort

beautiful and fast to ride

provenance of design – endurance racing – max speed and reliability

ease of control and balance

hand drawn seamless bespoke tubing from Italy, 1.4x strength of titanium

progressive powerful brakes with feel

direct steering feel – big grip

designed for on/off road race versatility

perfect weight distribution and low centre of gravity

bespoke lightweight forks 2x strength of titanium

Meticulously engineered – The only bike you need to own on/off road

The GRRS – Gravel Road Race Sport – more road orientated take 40mm tyres

The GRS Gravel Race Sport – same quality, off road orientated , more clearance 55mm tyres

Designed, engineered and built in Ewhurst England.

“Thanks ever so much amazing job on the bike. Wow what a difference it made. I must have been going about 1mph faster than before with less effort.” Martin C (club road cyclist)

Is wet here, but Jacob has taken 0.5 secs off his time. 45.15, if it was dry he would get another half second off, so looking good” Jacob (BMX racer)

Tom is a genius and saved my cycling career. Ian P (endurance cyclist)

Tom is incredibly knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful. Thank you. John (competitive cycle racer)

Tom understood what I wanted, and also what I didn’t know I wanted. Excellent rebuild. Bike now feels better than when new.  Nick H (club road cyclist)

My bike was definitely feeling it’s age the other day, so got in touch. We had a small chat to see what the possibilities of upgrades were, as well as to find out what I needed from my bike. I left it with Tom and I can safely say he has worked his magic. I was kept up to date with how the work was going as well as asked which improvements I wanted to make. My bike is an absolute joy to ride and I will be back for further improvements! Thank you! David M (Touring cyclist)

A fantastic same day service on my road bike. I was really impressed with the booking system, speed, communication and personal bike advice. Love the sustainability ethos of bringing used frames back to life in the form of a custom built bike built with top quality parts. I would fully recommend Ewhurst Bikes and thank Tom for the excellent service. Alice (Touring cyclist)

Tom at Ewhurst Bikes is a total legend. He collected my bike, transformed into something much better and now I am able to get out on it. Having lots of fun riding through the woods around where I live. If it wasn’t for him, my bike would still be under a dust sheet in the garage, all broken and unloved. I highly recommend his services. He’s a nice bloke too.  Sarah (casual cyclist)

Ultimate builds and upgrades For Africa and World Tours

Bespoke builds without compromise for Endurance Racing

We put the same professional attention to kids bikes

Ebike conversion of hand bikes, incumbent, MTB and Road bikes

Frame building specialist machining of thin wall (0.3mm) tubes

Bespoke Frame Building Titanium, Special Alloys, Steel etc

Branded race-wear to suit the extremes of the UK weather!

We enable competitive, ambitious cyclists at all levels, who care about: sustainability; safety; supporting local business; and quality, realise their cycling and fitness ambitions.

We build and bespoke Mountain, Cyclo-Cross and Race bikes and frames. We engineer E-bike Conversions, revamp and restore classic much loved bikes. We hold the full range of Titanium/carbon/ceramic bearings / cranks, standard service parts and race parts in stock.

We hand-build bespoke wheels to highest spec and specific application. As a DT Swiss wheel building specialist we build wheels to suit off road endurance, lightweight race and or indestructible MTB downhill race wheels

We carry out safety inspections and service suspension, mountain bikes, race bikes, mums to kids bikes.

We design and build bespoke exotic frames, and manufacture lightweight forks, in Titanium, Aluminum, Steel as well as inspecting and repairing carbon frames.

We are experts in inspecting and welding Titanium, weld Aluminum and weld Steel cycle frames to strengthen frames, overcome any design flaws and make safe frame repairs.

As cycling engineering experts, and fanatical cyclists we have the experience to know which key changes to make to your bike. The frames we supply in our builds are guaranteed for 15 years (subject to T&Cs).

Whether we are servicing kids bikes, to hard core endurance cyclists, to our world record breaking customers: we only use the best components and give the best attention. Our bikes have been rigorously developed and tested based upon our experience of World Cycle Tours, the Oz Desert, The Alps Tour De France climbs and continuously developed in the harsh off road MTB and CX environment of the Surrey Hills.

Work completed by professional engineers (Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology ).

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Frame repair – Titanium Carbon and Aluminum

Classic Tour / provenance / endurance bikes

Bespoke wheel build, developing the optimum rim and tyre combinations for race and comfort

Eroica race build and preparation

Millions of meters of off road climbing developing and relentlessly engineering and refining the optimal solutions

Millions of meters of off road climbing developing and relentlessly engineering and refining the optimal solutions

Seat post removal, tapping and facing bottom bracket threads

The Best of British Engineering…

Tom is a professional engineer & founder, a Fellow of The Institute of Engineering and Technology. He brings you experience of leading automotive and aerospace engineering design teams and businesses for the last 35 years.

He is a crazy keen cyclist with 40 years of endurance riding experience around the world, including cycling across the Oz Desert, the Alps, Vietnam, New Zealand, Europe and every inch of the UK etc…

Thank you for visiting Ewhurst Bikes: built for life

We are open daily 8am – 8pm booking by appointment only or call 07720 597869